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A global open IoT network

TheThingsNetwork provides a set of open tools and a global, open network to build your next IoT application at low cost,
for LoRaWANâ„¢ based devices featuring maximum security and ready to scale. Through robust end-to-end encryption,
a secure and collaborative Internet of Things network is built that spans across many countries around the globe.
Now operating thousands of gateways providing coverage to millions of people. 


open, community-based

TheThingsNetwork is a open, community-based initiative founded 2015 in the Nederlands by Wienke Giezeman und Johan Stokking,
whos target is building a world wide powersaving Internet-of-Things network. This network allows connecting "things"
that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting  and exchanging data
with other devices and systems over the internet. The "last mile" to the sensor is bridged with LoRaWANâ„¢ technology,
a smallband wireless data technology invented and standartitised by Semtech Corporation   (ISIN: US8168501018).


70 millions of  messages per day

Currently there are 18.000 LoRaWANâ„¢ Gateways in 150 countries in operation.
800 messages per second, 70 million per day are transported through TheThingsnetwork.


Visit the website of TheThingsNetwork to read about more details.


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